Why Epe?

Epe is ultimately the future of Lagos, according to the local activity. For the same reason, it has been dubbed “The New Smart City”. Epe has also been called the “Dubai of Africa” due to its quick industrial growth. Similar to how Dubai, previously regarded as a wasteland and a location with no economic value, has changed over the course of 15 years to become one of the locations with the highest return on investment in real estate.

In the upcoming years, Epe Town will see a substantial influx of prominent investors from all over the world.

Some of the benefits of investing in landed properties in Epe are highlighted below.


One of Lagos State’s most affordable places to buy a house or other piece of property is Epe. If you are middle class and looking to invest in a more pleasant and peaceful neighborhood of Lagos state, Epe is your best choice. Labor prices are quite inexpensive when compared to other areas of the state.


In contrast to the Lekki and Ajah axis, which can occasionally experience flooding when it rains, Epe boasts of land with a dry topography and building supplies that are fairly priced.


Epe continues to experience expansion, making it a smart idea to own many properties there. As a result, if you have invested in Epe on a regular basis, you are one of the investors who will eventually receive a sizable return. As a result, do not put off buying a home because this is the best time to do it.


It is well known that Ikorodu, Itokin, and Ijebu Ode are all connected by the Epe road network. Road design and construction tasks were handled by Craneburg. You are confident that they would endure the test of time. With the recent inauguration of the first phase of the project from Eleko Junction to Epe Junction by the governor of Lagos State, Babajide Sanwo-Olu, it is predicted that land values will rise.


This gives potential buyers of the land a picture of its possible applications. The prestigious Yaba Institute of Technology, Augustine University, and Michael Otedola College are located in Epe. As a result, investors have started constructing infrastructure related to education, such as hotels, restaurants, and many other things. The 110-bed mother and child center (MCC) and the emergency and emergency dispatch center were both officially opened by Lagos State Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu to facilitate better disaster management and emergency response.

In conclusion, Epe town has shown that it will serve as a magnet for significant capital infusion and rapid real estate appreciation. So now is the perfect moment to purchase land in Epe.

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