Is Blogging Profitable In Nigeria In 2023?

Is Blogging Profitable In Nigeria?

The direct answer to is blogging profitable in Nigeria is Yes. It is profitable in Nigeria and everywhere else even in 2023. 

Did I hear you say prove it? I’m not even going to mention the likes of Linda Ikeji, Jide OgunSanya, Pascal Okafor, or Courage Ngele. I’m going to bring it back home. Yes, right back to my network or circle.

I have been in the ‘make money online’ space since 2020 and the first time I made actual money online without investing anything was through blogging. I had blogged (and still do) on the Hive blockchain.

My very good friend, Prince, is a crypto blogger with the user name @readthisplease on Leofinance and has been making over 300k monthly. Don’t let him know I told!

Another of my friend Rafiu with the brand name Rafwealth makes an incredible amount of money from creating content on his blog and YouTube channels. 

I could go on with the list to assure you that blogging is profitable in Nigeria even in 2023 but for privacy purposes, I won’t be mentioning the names of friends that earn a crazy amount on fiver and other freelance platforms.

I was on the status of one of them recently and he simply states …’ I’m walking on sunshine. Hahaha, I’m sure you are fighting the urge to roll your eyes right now but don’t because if you have to work on your own terms, choose your rates, and choose what you want to write about, I bet you’d be walking on sunshine too.

In a nutshell, blogging is profitable all over the world and Nigeria is not exclusive if you understand the onions.

How Much Do Bloggers Earn In Nigeria?

There are earnings and there are earnings, my dear friend. Imagine the blogging space as a fat cow that everyone is milking.  Some know how to milk better. The really wealthy ones milk with a strategy and that would be discussed in another post.

Now, I’m going to categorize these people into three different groups. Namely; Starters, Hustlers, and Made bloggers.

The Starter bloggers earn anywhere between 0naira – 30,000naira monthly in Nigeria today. I said zero naira because some people never get to earn shishi from their write-up. Probably because it doesn’t have value, is plagiarised, it was posted in the wrong platform or monetization is in the pipeline and it’s been ages!

The hustlers make between 30,000 naira to 300,000 naira monthly. These ones have found a rhythm that works for them, have been monetized, or recently found the right platform and have just started doubling down on what works.

Made bloggers earn anything from 300,000 naira to several million. Some are early adopters while others came in not so long but with a clear strategy and spirit of consistency. Hey, that’s a nugget right there. Can somebody repeal ‘Consistency’?

Blogging to earn is evergreen. It has made people wealthy and it will continue to for as long as humans search for information and there is the internet.

Google and every other platform are eager to have you as a content creator whenever you are ready to hop in. If the time is now for you and you are looking for a guide with a clear strategy, I’ve got free resources for you here. I’m certain this post about content creation and web 3 technology will inspire you to begin your journey already.

Got a question? See you in the comments! 

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