<strong>Content Creation & Web 3</strong>

Content Creation & Web 3

These two not-so-new but powerful terms, content creation and web 3 technology, drive the Internet today. The awareness of its scope has only been realized just now. Yes! We are just starting the party. Businesses and brands that are aware are tapping into its powerful influence to smash their business goals. Meanwhile, creative individuals are not sitting on the fence either. They have sapped the juices of content creation over the last 10 years (for early adopters). Exactly How Profitable Is Content Creation? The average income for content creators in Canada, according to Glassdoor, is $47,830; in the US, it is $48.082. ZipRecruiter is significantly more expensive at $50,837 for a content developer situated in the US. However, that's a really general statement, because different platforms offer varying rates to…
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